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Roku CES 2014

CES Trade Show Signs

Designed visually capturing, on-brand event signage for the 2014 CES Trade Show.    

Boston Homebrew Supply

Boston Homebrew Supply Identity

Boston Homebrew Supply wanted a modern, clean, and illustrative logo to launch their local business:   Boston Homebrew wanted colorful options:


Farm Aid 2012 Collateral

I was asked to design a new, fresh, modern, and agriculture influenced logo for Farm Aid 2012. In previous years the logos have been more illustrative and complex. For this year’s logo they wanted to par down the illustrations and asked for a much more simple, recognizable, and elegant logo. The logos designed were chosen […]

Hydro Tracker GPS Launch Campaign

Hydro Tracker GPS Launch Campaign

The product launch for the Hydro Tracker GPS was focus primarily on open water swimmers. The Hydro Tracker is a waterproof GPS device that records and uploads all of the user’s adventures to an online software. The user can then analyze all of the statistics of their swim and adjust their training. The launch campaign […]

Finis Brand Video

FINIS “The Story” Video

Art directed the creation of the FINIS brand video.


Custom Swimwear Design

Designing this custom swimwear was quite a fun task. The line of suits represent the versatility of FINIS’ new, fully customizable, innovative swimwear printing process. I also carried out all photography post-production on this set of photos. The suits were photographed on real models then digitally edited to seem as though they are mannequins.

FINIS Black and Yellow Ads

Ad Campaign Black & Yellow – FINIS Inc.

Finis Inc. decided to formally announce their official re-branding through advertising. They wanted ads with the sleek, sexy, powerful, and innovative look of Finis and to incorporate the new color sceme black and yellow (formerly blue on blue). I was responsible for all designs and photography post-production.   This was the first product centered black […]

Alphebet Editing

Alphabet Editing Branding

Alphabet Editing is a book and publication editing company specializing in romance, S&M, and GLBT literature. The company needed a logo and collateral that was tasteful, playful, illustrated the nature of the company, and would appeal to writers in their target genres of literature. Logo Web Banner Business Cards Letterhead

The Esplanade Association 100 Party

Esplanade Association: 100 Party

100 Party invitation & poster was created to appeal to a younger audience.   100 Party email invite

Bullying Isn't Harmless Campaign

Anti-Bullying Campaign

As the design portion of my master’s in design thesis I have created an anti-gay bullying prevention campaign using strong imagery with powerful language and a touching story. The posters are meant to be placed in subways or other public arenas.

The Esplanade Association Marathon Ad

Boston Marathon Ad — Phoenix Magazine

I used intricate typography to create something original with a vintage flare while still being modern for The Esplanade Association

Grow Your Business Ad Campaign

Corporate Financial Campaign

This ad series is to appeal to potential business partners to tell them that Merchant Warehouse’s payment processing software will help them make money and “Grow” or increase their business. Web Banner for VSR